Find Comfort From Winter’s Chill at a Warm Bakery!


When the temperature drops and blistery winds start to tempt most of us to say in bed for as long as possible, the only good reason to leave the house might be the never-ending quest for delicious comfort food.

Many of us have a favourite go-to, but I believe that in the competition for Most Comforting of Comfort Foods, little rivals warm, freshly baked bread!




Here we are at Blue Blood Bakery, located just a few minutes from Koto City’s Kameido Station. Push open the glass door and the first thing to greet you will be…





A wonderful fragrance!

The kind aroma of baked bread will fill your lungs and welcome you into the store.

The interior uses warm wooden panels, giving the bakery a lovely, cozy vibe.

The name, “Blue Blood”, comes from an old yacht owned by the owner-boulangere, Ms. Satomi Okubo. Here and there, you can find charming marine-inspired items to add to the oceanic theme.







But let’s not get distracted. We are here for bread, and bread we shall have!



First up, the seasonal products!



Here we see the adorable and aptly-named “Cube” on the left and the beautifully glossy “Chocolate Twist” on the right.

Let’s see what they look like on the inside.





The “Chocolate Twist” is actually doughnut bread. Despite being fried, it’s not greasy, and the combination of soft whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate gives it an elegant taste.

Next to it, “Cube” is filled to bursting with homemade red bean paste and whipped cream.

“When you make red bean paste-filled bread, the paste sinks as the bread rises, and you can’t help but get a vacuum inside. So I thought, why not fill it with whipped cream?” Ms. Okubo explained to me.

What a wonderful idea 🙂




Both the paste and the whipped cream are made without too much sugar to ensure the finished product is easy on the palate.

“It’s actually quite popular with the male customers.”
Indeed, “Cube” sold out while we were chatting…!



What are you in the mood for today?

If you’re out on a lunch stroll, there are many savoury candidates for your consideration, including the “Shrimp and Mushroom Gratin”, which is available until the end of January.




The homemade béchamel sauce is definitely worth a taste♪


But wait, there are other tempting choices from the regular menu as well, like the “Bacon Epi (wheat stalk bread)”…





The “Pizza Breads”…





Oooh, this “Cheese Bread” also looks good!





The choices seem limitless!

For those who are feeling just a bit peckish and looking for a light snack, the recommended product is the “Double Chocolate Cornet”.




You can enjoy both the chocolate mousse and custard cream flavours, or if you’re feeling generous, you could split it with a friend (*゚v゚)人(゚v゚*)



Here we see the “Mini Hot Dogs”, which were made according to the needs of parents who wanted something “just right” for their kids to munch on.





Those needing to fill up though, can try the “Super Long Long Sausage” bread instead.




That is indeed very long! No false advertisement here!



Some breads, like the very popular rye loaves, are only available on certain days of the week, so be sure to check in often! You can also reserve your favourites in advance (*^^*)





Regardless of which one you choose, the breads are all baked to perfection and have a mochi-like consistency, making them satisfying to eat.

The secret to their deliciousness lies in Ms. Okubo’s 5 Mottos:




1. The safety of our products is our priority.
2. We use Japanese wheat and do our best to preserve its unique taste and texture.
3. We use natural yeast (sourdough yeast) to make bread that is rich in taste.
4. The curry sauce, red bean paste, custard cream, etc. that we use to fill the breads are all homemade.
5. The breads are made one by one, with love.

On a cold winter day, surely nothing hits the spot like homemade food made with love! Should you pay them a visit, Blue Blood will no doubt fill both your stomach and your heart.





I know it’s cold outside, but here’s one at least one good reason to leave the house!



editor:  Xianru Shen (Koto City Office Coordinator for International Relations)