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From New Build to Rebuild

Published: March 29, 2022

The Akaishi Construction Company has been building and renovating residences, shops and much more in the Kameido area of Koto-ku since 1948. On a recent chilly afternoon, we dropped in to meet the staff and hear about their current business endeavours.


The Akaishi office is located on Kuramaebashi Street, between Meiji Street and Maruhachi Street, some eight minutes’ walk north of Kameido station. The company is a registered office with a first-class architectural licence (the highest level in Japan) and works in construction, public works planning, design, building management and maintenance as a general contractor. Furthermore, the company builds new structures and renovates existing ones such as private housing and shops, whilst also working on public facility projects such as a kindergarten, amongst others, for Koto-ku. It’s a general contractor with a wide and deep range of experience, firmly embedded in the local community.


“In the construction of  private houses, shops, apartment buildings, factories, warehouses, shrines and temples, and public facilities we’ve endeavoured to make a contribution to the local community,” said second generation president Mr. Shoji Akaishi. “As my father, a skilled carpenter who worked hard to win projects such as restaurants and high class residential properties always said, ‘Do a convincing job.’ We’re working with that ethos firmly in mind at all times.” Akaishi Construction hosts local junior high school students for experiential learning and is involved in disaster response measures in the local area.


Akaishi Construction also offers meticulous maintenance and an aftercare service based on the idea of “a lifelong connection with our customers.” Part of that service is the presentation to each customer of a photographic album commemorating the completion of construction.


It’s a very nice touch. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive such an album on the completion of a once-in-a-lifetime event, such as moving into a brand new or totally renovated house?


Taken by professional photographers, they’re to be treasured for a lifetime.


Akaishi Construction has developed relationships of trust with major residential equipment makers to the extent that it has built up a track record of accomplishments in plumbing and water pipe installation. This is the before and after of a renovated kitchen.


A bathroom


And a toilet. Renovating the plumbing and wet areas in a residence dramatically improves the quality of life for all those who live there. If you’re in the same position but don’t know where to turn, just call Akaishi Construction.


“With the high technical level of our carpenters and specialists in every area, we can respond to the needs of our customers with proposals suitable for every grade,” explained the staff of Akaishi Construction. Whatever the job, Akaishi Construction is ready to offer customers the highest level of construction quality and service. Large or small, just give them a call. All estimates are free!


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