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About Kotomise

■What is Kotomise? Kotomise is a project operated by Koto City (Koto-ku), a municipality o...

Kotomise Office(Monzen-nakacho)

Not Your Average Kissaten

If you refer to Edo Fukagawa Coffee Hompo as a kissaten (a tearoom/café), Mr. Shuji Yamaok...

Edo Fukagawa Coffee Hompo(Monzen-nakacho/Kiba)

“Seriously adult cakes”

5 minutes’ walk from Monzen-nakacho station, on a quiet shopping street in Botan, is Patis...

Patisserie Collage(Monzen-nakacho)

Japanese Soul Food at Umemura

A brief stroll down Sunamachi Ginza Shopping Street on a warm and humid afternoon. Hungry ...


Sunamachi Ginza: A Space Odyssey

Mainichi ga Gekiyasu no Mise (Every day Is A Bargain Shop) on Sunamachi Ginza Shopping Str...

Mainichi Ga Gekiyasu No Mise(Nishi-ojima/Ojima/Minami-sunamachi)
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