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About Kotomise

■What is Kotomise? Kotomise is a project operated by Koto City (Koto-ku), a municipali…

Kotomise Office(Monzen-nakacho)

A Café Oasis in Furuishiba

In a quiet backstreet overlooking the little waterway which flows through Furuishiba i…

Café Rin(Monzen-nakacho)

Support Your Local Orchestra

Did you know that Koto Ward has its very own philharmonic orchestra, whose home is at …

Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra(Sumiyoshi)

Petrol Pump Performance

A visit to a petrol station illustrates the differences in the provision of customer s…

Higashinihonusami Tatsumikyuyusho(Shiomi/Tatsumi)
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