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About Kotomise

■What is Kotomise? Kotomise is a project operated by Koto City (Koto-ku), a municipali…

Kotomise Office(Monzen-nakacho)

Beauty and Bliss at May 9 Happy

Opened in May 2019, May 9 Happy (Make You Happy) is a beautiful shop located a 2-minut…

May 9 Happy(Kiyosumi-shirakawa)

Stylish Soba at Tagurian

Those fortunate to reside in the Fukagawa area of Koto-ku have yet another reason to b…

Sobadokoro Tagurian(Monzen-nakacho)

Best Foot Forward at Ashidoraku

Ashidoraku is a made to order insole and footwear specialist company. Founded in the T…

Ashidoraku Monzen-nakacho Shoe Shop(Monzen-nakacho)

Mode Plus: Music for All!

Have you ever wanted to learn the piano? How about the flute? Maybe you’ve always want…

Mode Plus Music School Kiyosumi-shirakawa branch(Kiyosumi-shirakawa)
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