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About Kotomise

■What is Kotomise? Kotomise is a project operated by Koto City (Koto-ku), a municipality o...

Kotomise Office(Monzen-nakacho)

A Taste of Canton in Morishita

For sixty years, Raku Raku has been serving Cantonese food to diners in the Morishita area...

Raku Raku (Chinese Restaurant)(Morishita/Kiyosumi-shirakawa/Kikukawa)

A Culinary Journey in Kagoshima

The Kameido area is definitely not a place to be missed. The quality and diversity of its ...

Izakaya Tonbo(Kameido)

Hats off to Mrs. Endo!

If you have ever fancied yourself wearing a hat, or are already a hat aficionado but have ...

Boshi No Marukei(Morishita/Kiyosumi-shirakawa/Kikukawa)

The Fairy Godmother of Higashisuna

There’s something to be said for the transformative power of getting dressed up. The right...

Hair Submarine Beauty Salon(Higashi-ojima/Minami-sunamachi)
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