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About Kotomise

■What is Kotomise? Kotomise is a project operated by Koto City (Koto-ku), a municipali...

Kotomise Office(Monzen-nakacho)

Waxing Lyrical About Candle Making

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at making a scented floral candle? If so, then w...

Candle Studio Touka(Kameido/Kameido-suijin/Ojima)

Soba and Japan: A Love Story

Soba is a type of noodle that has been eaten in Japan for centuries. The tradition of ...


Omotenashi at a Local Family Butcher

If you happen to be in the Edagawa 1-chome area and are looking for somewhere to pick ...

Ichimura Seinikuten (Ichimura Butcher)(Toyosu)

Morishita’s Beauty Confessional

Introducing ARGEL as a “lymphatic massage salon” doesn’t exactly feel right, even thou...


Hearty and Heartfelt: A Taste of Comfort

Eat out often enough, and one thing becomes clear: never underestimate the hole-in-the...

Diner and Soba Restaurant Mifune-ya(Nishi-ojima/Minami-sunamachi)
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