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Meyer’s Kitchen

place12 minute walk from B1 exit of Sumiyoshi Station

A Hidden but Cozy Cafe

Published: April 8, 2024

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“Meyer’s Kitchen” which opened in November 2022 is a cafe located on the 1st floor of community center “Palcity Koto”


Meyer’s Kitchen

Meyer’s Kitchen offers freshly baked bread made from domestic wheat, house-roasted coffee, and baked goods.

Domestically produced wheat is from Hokkaido, known for its exceptionally high quality. Enjoying it alongside freshly roasted coffee makes for a truly luxurious experience. With the option to choose from various types of coffee beans, it’s perfect for a fulfilling breakfast!


Meyer’s Kitchen

The freshly baked bread lined up by the window all uses Hokkaido-grown wheat flour.

Although the selection is not as wide as most bakeries, the quality is excellent and any of the products are a great choice. There are sweet, savory and plain options.


The most popular cinnamon roll 240 yen.

It’s a cinnamon roll made with brioche dough incorporating eggs and butter, with cinnamon and almond powder, finished with a hint of rum.

The cinnamon roll was incredibly fluffy, not overly sweet, and very satisfying. Additionally, there were other enticing options such as brioche, a sausage wrapped in baguette-style bread, and white bread that would pair well with soup.


Meyer’s Kitchen

Here is a close-up of the sausage roll with mustard. Available for only 220 yen.


Meyer’s Kitchen

House-roasted coffee

They serve high-quality coffee beans dripped carefully with care for each cup. They offer a variety of options including decaffeinated coffee and blends.

The house blend is a nice mid roast with a good balance of acidity and bitterness. A generous amount is only 400 yen. I was very satisfied as it went perfectly with the baked goods!


Meyer’s Kitchen

I never thought there would be a café in the community center but as soon as you walk in, the smell of butter and bread is enticing.

At Meyer’s Kitchen, they primarily use domestically grown pesticide-free vegetables and offer handmade side dishes as part of their ‘Daily Lunch Special (980 yen)’. They also have cake sets featuring owner Ms. Yonetani’s recommended cakes such as the ‘Basque Cheesecake’ and ‘Apple Tart’ for 800 yen.

Although I haven’t tried the lunch specials, I will definitely try when I go there again!

The cafe is located near the river, so please come visit on your walk!


Meyer’s Kitchen

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