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place3 minute walk from B1 exit of Kiyosumi-Shirakawa station

A Hidden Garden of Delights

Published: December 14, 2023

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A creative experience in flower-shaped confectionary making in a very pleasant atmosphere.



Ohagi made with flower-patterned sweet red bean paste. Ohagi is a traditional Japanese confectionery consisting of sweet red bean paste (anko) wrapped in glutinous rice (mochi).

ROSETTE offers a 2-hour class that teaches you how to make various kinds of flower shapes using a technique called ‘Anko Shibori’ which translates to pressed bean paste. The flowers are made with white bean paste which consists of white beans, sugar, and natural food coloring such as matcha, beets, pumpkin, cocoa and more.



The anko petals are squeezed at a 20-degree angle.

With your non-dominant hand holding a small metal stand, your dominant hand slowly squeezes out the bean paste.



Owner Ms. Nakajima, previously trained in sugar craft and icing, developed an interest in traditional Japanese confections as well. She obtained a teaching license and has since opened her own classroom.

Ms. Nakajima explains step by step what to do so it’s very easy to follow. The first flower might not be pretty, but it’s easy to get the hang of it.

None of her confectionary includes wheat flour, baking powder or baking soda.



Decorating using the flower-shaped anko.

Once you’ve made multiple flowers you can decorate the base which is often made from rice flour or rice cake. This experience requires focus and gentle precision which I found to be meditative in this relaxing environment.



The ohagi with flower-patterned designs is almost too beautiful to eat.

The details and intricacy are not as difficult to achieve as you might think, and the results are worth the effort. Imagine how happy you could make someone if you gave them something this beautiful that you created yourself.



The retro building and the atmosphere of the classroom create a charming and delightful ambiance.

From the outside you would never know there was such a bright and lovely space in one of the apartment-like rooms. The building is one of the oldest complexes that has retained its Japanese-style features and something about going there makes you feel like you’re traveling to a different time or dimension!



△The two junior high school boys in the photo are students who came to the “Kotomise” office for work experience at their junior high school.


Everyone is welcome to try this class. Ms. Nakajima mentioned getting couples to do the class together as well. In the future she would like to offer Chiffon cake making classes which is highly recommended as her Chiffon cake was incredibly delightful!

Foreigners who wish to take lessons in the classroom must be able to speak a certain amount of Japanese.



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