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FOREST Toyocho

place1 minute walk from exit 2 of Toyocho station

A Unique Fusion of Work, Rest and Entertainment

Published: April 1, 2024

※Prices are subject to change from those in effect at the time of the interview. Please contact the store directly for the latest information.


Shared space “FOREST Toyocho” is available for cafes, meals, work, study, events, etc.


FOREST Toyocho

The operating hours are from 6:00 AM to midnight, with unmanned access during early mornings and late nights. Therefore, entry is facilitated through the membership app’s QR code system. Additionally, there are four different pricing plans available, allowing users to choose according to their frequency and purpose. For more details, please refer to the pricing plans on the website.

The space is large and well-lit, providing a variety of seating options for both relaxation and work. There’s also a designated ventilated area for smokers to ensure a pleasant environment for everyone.


FOREST Toyocho

Orders are placed by scanning a QR code and carried out through smartphones. Payment is completed at the time of ordering, making it a cashless transaction.

The space offers an unusually diverse range of meal options for a shared workspace!


FOREST Toyocho

Pork Shogayaki Plate (990 yen)

Pork Shogayaki is a tender meat infused with ginger-flavored sauce that goes perfectly with steamed rice, encouraging you to keep enjoying every bite.

It is a dish that has existed in Japan for a long time, offering a high-protein and satisfying meal. It’s also one of the dishes I often enjoy since coming to Japan!


FOREST Toyocho

Yellowtail and Amberjack Sashimi Rice Bowl (990 yen)

The highly recommended lunch menu is this Yellowtail and Amberjack Sashimi Rice Bowl. This dish has fresh yellowtail and amberjack delivered directly from Toyosu food market. You can enjoy tasting it as it is, but also enjoy it by adding namero (minced fish) and turning it to a broth pickled delicacy after a few bites.

The yellowtail from Japan, caught during the winter season, is an absolute delight and worth trying if you haven’t experienced its flavors yet!


FOREST Toyocho

Daily Fresh Sashimi Set directly delivered from Toyosu (1,320 yen)

For the dinner menu, the Daily Fresh Sashimi Set directly delivered from Toyosu is highly recommended. Today’s sashimi selection includes yellowtail, black sea bream, flathead, and marbled rockfish. The variety of sashimi may vary depending on the day’s procurement.

It is only 15-minute drive from Toyosu market to Toyocho! Thanks to this location, you can enjoy fresh sashimi in satisfying portions.


FOREST Toyocho

For banquet purposes, we also offer course meals such as “Cold Yellowtail Shabu-Shabu” and “Grilled Chicken Mizutaki Hot Pot”. In these courses, in addition to alcoholic beverages like beer and sours, all-you-can-drink Japanese sake that complements the seafood is also included in the menu.

There are plenty of Japanese sake lined up that would go well with sashimi. This is a great opportunity to study which sake pairs best with which sashimi!


FOREST Toyocho

One-Timer・Silver・Gold members can access the drink bar, which includes coffee, green tea, black tea, juice, and more.

The name ‘Forest’ not only reflects the concept of a natural and green setting but also cleverly plays on words, suggesting a place ‘For Rest’.


FOREST Toyocho

At FOREST Toyocho, they use “Style Health Chairs” designed to promote posture improvement, allowing you to work comfortably for long hours without fatigue.


FOREST Toyocho

Experience live screenings on a projector during matches or major sports events. The manager has exciting plans to broadcast the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris this summer. Feel free to join us to catch all the action and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere!

If you’re intrigued by the new concept of sharing space at FOREST Toyocho, which offers cafes, meals, workspaces, study areas, and events, please feel free to visit!


FOREST Toyocho

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※Information is based on February 2024. Prices, operating hours, and other details might have changed. Please verify with the store directly.

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