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Capturing Memories & Day Care

Published: May 2, 2024

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Mamahug is a place filled with a mother’s love for children. On the first floor, there is a photo studio where commemorative photos can be taken casually, and the second floor is a childcare facility with a spacious and enjoyable environment.



The owner Ms. Miyazawa, a mother of three, aspires to create a service that makes the wonderful culture of “taking commemorative photos” more accessible. The photo shoot plans include “Shichi-Go-San”, “Omiyamairi”, “Birthday,” “Graduation/Entrance Ceremony,”

“Senior Photos,” and more. She offers personalized plans tailored to the preferences of customers.

Being the primary caretaker of her 3 children and determined to support her family, Mrs. Miyazawa got the idea to start a business that allows her to be close with her own children and combine the talents of her friends and acquaintances in a creative space.



On the second-floor childcare facility, there are nursery teachers available, creating a place.

where mothers can easily and confidently use the services with peace of mind.

The childcare staff are trustworthy friends or acquaintances who have had experience in their field.



While Mamahug may be perceived as a photo studio exclusively for children, it also welcomes adults as well.

The aim of the photo studio is to provide a more casual and fun experience than the usual formal and restricted style of commemorative photographs, and to give more people this opportunity by offering the service at a reasonable price.



One of the owner’s aspirations is to create a photo studio that can be enjoyed by people from abroad, extending a warm welcome to visitors from different cultures.

Since popular sightseeing spots like Asakusa are oversaturated with tourists, I recommend coming to Mamahug for the opportunity to put on traditional Japanese kimono and get a commemorative photo taken. The staff will do their best to communicate in English.

Photo sessions can be taken inside the studio, outside, or both. The studio has many props and a selection of modest kimono and colorful kimono.



Mamahug shares store information and special promotional campaigns on Instagram. Be sure to check it out for the latest updates and exclusive offers.

Mrs. Miyazawa’s ambition and the story behind Mamahug was very impressive. There’s a sense of community and synergy among the staff and the atmosphere is fun and welcoming.



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※Information is based on January 2024. Prices, operating hours, and other details might have changed. Please verify with the store directly.

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