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EQWEL Child Academy Sumiyoshi Class

place3 minute walk from B2 exit of Sumiyoshi station

Childhood Education with Guaranteed Results

Published: February 26, 2024

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EQWEL Child Academy Sumiyoshi class is a classroom that enhances children’s abilities from both emotional intelligence (EQ) and intellectual intelligence (IQ) perspectives.



The picture above is the foundational philosophy of EQWEL-style early childhood education, which has produced talents across various genres such as sports, music, and entertainment.

The concept of emotional intelligence has become quite common in western countries, but not as much in Japan. Despite that, it has been the basis of the educational system at EQWEL since its foundation. There is more evidence supporting that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is just as, if not more important than IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) when it comes to career success and overall quality of life. Since people are social creatures, we often must interact with each other and navigate a wide variety of inter-relational experiences.



Based on a track record of over 37 years and having graduated more than 400,000 students, EQWEL Child Academy continually updates its lesson programs through educational research at its institute.

Every teacher working at EQWEL goes through intensive training to use the methods and techniques accurately and effectively. The founder has always placed very big importance on education and the latest information on education.



Courses Tailored to Children’s Growth:

・Courses for ages 0 to 5 months focus on programs such as concentration cards and baby gymnastics, designed to stimulate intellectual and muscular development.

・Toddler courses, categorized by school year from 6 months to 6 years old, are structured to develop abilities corresponding to each grade level.

・Elementary school courses aim to cultivate memory, critical thinking, and expressive skills, fostering a program that nurtures the motivation for self-directed learning.

One of the most impressive aspects of the EQWEL system is that students are never expected to give the “right” answer. It is not “right” or “wrong”, “black” and “white” like the standard education system. Every student is encouraged to express themselves by giving their thoughts, opinions, reasoning, AND they are taught to accept and love themselves. When a child is supported and valued, they have the mental capacity to learn more and advance much further.




There are also prenatal courses for enjoyable communication with the baby in the womb, as well as special support courses tailored to children with disabilities, providing customized guidance.

Until recently, it was believed that children don’t remember their earliest years, but the latest science says that children absorb a lot of information from 0 to about 4 years old. They can even understand when their parents are in distress. On top of that, it is believed that babies in the womb also pick up on external information and stimuli. Children with disabilities may absorb information differently, but they too have the potential for advancement.



The charm of the Sumiyoshi class lies in the experience and achievements of the representative, Ms. Matsumoto!

Ms. Matsumoto has had a very long career in childhood education and works closely with the owner. She is extremely confident in the effectiveness of the education at EQWEL.

The space is modest in size but very new and very clean. The colors are calming, and the decorating is minimal and not overstimulating with many signs, posters, pictures, etc.

Parents who feel challenges in early childhood education or wish to provide their children with activities that will be beneficial in the future is encouraged to try a trial lesson at EQWEL Child Academy Sumiyoshi Class.


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※Information is based on January 2024. Prices, operating hours, and other details might have changed. Please verify with the store directly.