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Kameido Toricho

place10 minute walk from North Exit of Kameido Station

Classic Yakitori and Unagi Restaurant in Kameido

Published: January 13, 2023

This brightly lit storefront is the entrance to a large Showa era restaurant beautifully furnished and decorated in the style of yesteryear. This restaurant has been a fixture on the Kameido dining scene for 70 years. It is a popular place to relax after a visit to the nearby Katori Shrine and Tenjin Shrine.


Recommended is yakitori.

Most yakitori are priced at 450 yen for three skewers.


Unaju (Matsu course) is priced at 3,300 yen with eel liver soup and pickles, a real downtown price.

Recommended dish of the day.

Yasai-maki Yakitori. 700 yen.

Maguro Yamakake 650yen.

Baigai Nimono 700 yen.

Shirako Ponzu 750 yen.

Aji Tataki 750 yen.

Kaki Fry 1,100 yen.

Ginnan shio-iri 700 yen.



Dining Room on the 1st floor



The large rooms on the second and third floors assure privacy for your special parties.

All rooms have an understated elegance that transports one back to a simpler, less stressful time.


You can see the traditional big battledore.


Kameido Toricho is a landmark of the local community as a place for banquets such as year-end and New Year’s parties, ceremonial occasions such as weaning ceremonies, Shichi Go San, Coming-of-Age ceremonies, family reunions, and longevity celebrations, and for ceremonial occasions including Buddhist memorial services.


Course meal for special occasions.

A sumptuous course using carefully selected ingredients, including their famous yakitori (grilled chicken), unaju (eel), 3 appetizers, sashimi, steamed egg custard, etc., is available for 7,600 yen.


I respect them for maintaining the traditions and recipes that made them popular back in Showa period. The sauces and techniques are sure to tug the heart strings of their customers who are seeking the  natsukashi nostalgic  flavors of that period.


by Jerry Brady



亀戸 鳥長