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Exploring Innovation: The Unique World of 4D Bag Creations

Published: February 19, 2024

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The 4D Bag [sion works] is situated in a unique space called the creative co-working space “MONO” in Odaiba, where it produces a variety of unique products.


4D Bag

The co-working space “MONO” is equipped with a workshop. At this location, around 30 to 50 prototypes are created, eventually turning them into a finalized product.

The workshop provides a modern, spacious environment for creators to design their products effectively. Additionally, they have access to cutting-edge tools like 3D printers.


4D Bag

The fabric used is “Tochigi Leather,” enabling long-term use and durability.
Just by touching the fabric, you could feel its high quality. To  think that the products are all made from scratch using such high-quality materials was very exciting.



The business card holder “Slide Thumb︎ 30,” created by Ms. Ijima allows you to retrieve a business card in just 1 second, without even opening the cardholder. While keeping the cover closed, simply slide your thumb to the right along the groove, inserted in the gap.

The slim design, approximately 4mm thick, ensures exceptional lightweight portability.


4D Bag


A smart backpack that allows comfortable typing on your lap, featuring a built-in PC stand on the back. In addition, the PC stand is detachable, providing the flexibility to use it as a tabletop stand as well.

This backpack is ideal for those who frequently use public transportation such as trains.

In the midst of work, I think a lot of working people often find themselves needing to open your laptop while on the move. This bag is designed to minimize the risk of damaging your device while enhancing work efficiency in such situations. It’s a highly convenient.


4D Bag

I found this smart case to be very convenient as well. Especially for travelers, in situations where both hands are occupied with luggage, it allows for hands-free operation of smartphones or tablets, making it easy to check maps or other information on the go.


4D bBag

To view products from the 4D Bag [sion works], simply inform the staff at the reception on the 14th floor of the co-working space “MONO” by saying, “I would like to see products from the 4D Bag [sion works],” and they will guide you accordingly.

Please explore and find your ideal products here, utilizing your imagination to the fullest!


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4D Bag


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