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Vila Monzen-nakacho (Osteopathy and Relaxation Clinic)

place1 minute walk from Exit 2 of Monzen-nakacho Station

Foot Massage and Aromatherapy

Published: March 8, 2018

Looking for someone to massage those tired, swollen feet? Then why not take yourself to Eitai-dori Avenue in Monzen-nakacho, to the 2nd floor of the Pasasu Building, to Vila Monzen-nakacho.



There you will find relief under the gentle ministrations of Ms. Keiko Sato, a trained reflexologist and aromatherapist.



The word “vila” is Swedish for “offer a helping hand”, and that is exactly what happens at this small establishment. Run by Mr. Teruyuki Iwashita, the salon provides reflexology and aromatherapy treatment for those tired feet, as well as shoulders and necks.



With its aromatherapy and foot massage courses, the salon caters to housewives and female office workers wanting to relieve the stress of everyday life; meanwhile the men generally go for the foot treatment.


And there is a difference between the vigorous muscle-stimulating massage which some clinics offer and what you get at Vila Monzen-nakacho. What Ms. Sato provides is a gentle relaxing massage augmented by the fragrant aroma blending lavender, orange and roses.



This fragrance is poured into a bowl which she places under the massage couch, so that the sweet perfume slowly rises to meet the client’s head. Then she commences to gently rub jojoba oil, a natural skin conditioner, onto the client’s neck, shoulders and back.





I felt rather envious watching my wife begin to drift off, the tension in her shoulders easing, as Ms. Sato, the fragrance and the jojoba oil began to work their magic.


After a while Ms. Sato switched operation and began to work on the soles and upper parts of my wife’s feet, using a combination of massage and light pressure. Her approach to massage is not “the stronger the better” philosophy, but rather she adopts a gentler technique to promote a feeling of relaxation. And if requested by the customer, she will extend her foot massage to the calves and lower legs.







Whilst Ms. Sato focuses on the reflexology and aromatherapy side of the business, Mr. Iwashita concentrates on professional osteopathy, providing treatment to those customers requiring stronger medical-linked manipulative treatment.



So, go on; give your feet a break and treat them to a spot of tender care. But just remember that although Mr. Iwashita says it is possible to call in during the daytime on the off-chance that you can get a foot massage, he recommends making a reservation, especially on evenings and weekends when Vila Monzen-nakacho’s appointment book is usually full.



Story and Photos by Jeremy Hutchinson