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Hideaway Vocal School - VOICEMAN

place5 minutes walk from exit A2 of Nishi Ojima station

Hideaway Vocal School 『 VOICEMAN』

Published: August 3, 2023

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Popular lessons taught by professional artists! Mr. Keiji Katayama, who leads “VOICEMAN,” is a singer-songwriter who made a major debut as a solo artist in 1984. He has been thriving in various fields, providing vocals for commercials and anime songs, and composing songs for other artists.

Mr.Katayama is an accomplished artist that has worked in many areas in the music industry making him an excellent choice as an instructor.


“VOICEMAN” was established with the aim of nurturing future talents and providing singing instruction to a wide range of generations. Alongside one-on-one coaching, there are also group singing lessons called “Katayama VOCAL Academy” which gained popularity due to the opportunity to receive vocal instructions from the professional artist.


The class we interviewed was Toyocho・Pop & Enka(Japanese traditional music and folk songs) class from “Katayama VOCAL Academy”. The lessons take place on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, each lesson for 90 minutes. The lesson fee is 4,500 yen per month, and around 15 students gathered at the Koto-ku Cultural Center to have the lessons.

The lesson is full of students from all levels and experiences. The one common trait that students shared was that we wanted to work together on singing. Whether you sit in the front or the back, you can easily hear Mr.Katayama’s instructions. The lesson goes by fast when you are singing from the heart.


In response to the enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Katayama, the students’ singing becomes more powerful, with added gestures. As they repeat the singing while checking the key points, the energy gradually rises, resulting in a lively and harmonious chorus filled with a sense of a live performance.


Mr. Katayama provides an excellent lesson that starts with vocal warm-ups that prepare your voice and are excellent for beginners to use when you plan on going to Karaoke. Afterwards, You prepare and practice several songs step by step, and the songs vary from high-tempo to slow-tempo, like ballads. Throughout the lesson, Mr. Katayama delivers singing tips that the students can implement in their style. Even if you are a beginner or an experienced singer, it is easy to follow.


Mr. Katayama emphasizes that “The driving force to continue singing for a long time is by enjoying singing.” His vocal lessons have a significant feature where students not only learn how to sing but also discover the joy of singing.


There are two types of people in the world: those who can sing and those who want to sing. While I am the latter, Mr. Katayama leads a fun environment where his passion for singing reflects on his teaching and anyone can learn something new.


The words, ”To raise your voice brings positive effects to both your body and mind. To continue singing is very beneficial for your health.” was very heart moving, especially in times like now.


Experiencing a singing lesson that is easy to follow and touches all aspects of singing, like low notes to high, in addition to breath control, from one of the best is one that I recommend!

With Kotomise coupon, trial lesson and enrollment fee will be free.

Why don’t you join the trial lesson and experience the joy of singing?


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