High Quality Japanese Beef and Pork at Matsukura Meat Shop

Matsukura Meat Shop is a butcher’s shop specializing in “cherry pork” and Kuroge Wagyu beef. The cherry pork takes its name from the light pink color of the meat, which reminds people of the color of Japanese cherry blossoms. In Japan, one of the main locations for pig farming is in Gunma prefecture in the Kanto area. According to Mr. Matsukura, this special pork has a delicious, sweet taste.



Mr. Mastukura opened his meat shop in May of 2017 near Toyocho Station. He also runs a yakiniku restaurant—a Japanese-style bite-sized meat and vegetables barbecue. He works with his wife and one other employee.




Kuroge Wagyu beef

The Kuroge Wagyu beef comes from a Japanese breed of cows. “It’s one of the best kinds of Japanese beef, with a reasonable price,” said Mr. Matsukura. It comes from Yamagata prefecture, along the coast of the Sea of Japan in the southern Tohoku region.



It’s always a little surprising to discover that Japanese beef is marbled, but don’t hesitate to try it. You will discover delicious, tender, tasty meat. Grilled, the fat of the meat gives it a light, crunchy texture. A delicacy you’ll welcome!



“It’s important that the cows are not stressed. The more relaxed they are, the tastier the meat will be,” explained Mr. Matsukura. Every piece of meat has a serial number associated with it. It gives information, for example, about the breeding of the cow it came from, its location, and other information. Traceability is very important in Japan according to Mr. Mastukura.



Japanese families tend to eat more pork than beef. This is explained by the expensive price of Japanese beef. “Beef is reserved for the big occasions,” explained Mr. Mastukura to me. But why is Japanese beef so expensive? “That can be explained by its rarity. Local production is small in scale. The breeding size is also small and Japanese beef producers prefer quality over quantity.” An exclusive product, definitely!


Lovers of hamburgers will be happy with a delicious one made by Mr. Matsukura. Composed of high-quality ground beef and pork with a special seasoning, these hamburgers are very tasty and juicy.



At Matsukura Meat Shop, you can also buy potato, coleslaw and macaroni salad. Perfect side dishes to go with a piece of meat.



The talented Mr. Mastukura cooks a variety of fried foods. Pork cutlets, beef kibbles and fried oysters are delicious snacks and can also accompany a bowl of rice for dinner.



I tasted a pork filet cutlet. The meat is juicy and soft and balanced out by the crispy breadcrumb coating. Yummy!



“These are crafts made by customers,” said Mrs. Matsukura. It’s really cute!



In a few months, Matsukura Meat Shop has become popular and well-appreciated by the neighborhood residents. It’s really lucky for them to have such a high-quality butcher’s shop in the area.


Story and Photos by Aline Lambelet