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Customized Promotional Items by Hot Mobily

Published: May 25, 2018

On a beautiful afternoon, I met Mr. Kadota, the energetic manager of the company Hot Mobily at his office in Aomi district in Odaiba area. For those who don’t know, the Aomi district is a part of Koto ward.



Hot Mobily specializes in customized promotional items for companies, events, shops, restaurants, etc.


Mr. Kadota has been running his business for 2006. “Years ago, I used to be a software engineer. This type of business frequently endures various ups and downs, and during these downs, I needed to have an extra activity. So, I began to make smartphone accessories. This explains the name of the company, Hot Mobily”, said Mr. Kadota.


Gradually, Mr. Kadota began to make other types of items. Hot Mobily has quickly expanded and became Mr. Kadota’s primary activity. Currently, Hot Mobily employs five people in the Tokyo office, 11 people in Bangkok office and four people in China. Bangkok office is in charge of items design. Items are produced in Japan and China, but primary materials come from Japan.



“Bestsellers items are neck straps, coasters, and key holders,” says Mr. Kadota.



Rubber made coasters are very popular.



The company tries to offer original seasonal items. In summer, beach sandals are fun. In winter, we offer pocket warmer (“kairo” in Japanese). Recently, Narita airport shops launched a promotional campaign giving foreigner tourists sandals as a gift. Different sizes are available for children to adults.



“Mousepads are made in microfiber fabric, so this can also be used to clean computer screen,” said Mr. Kadota. It’s very convenient! The fabric is light and soft. Cleaning cloth glasses and smartphone pouch are also available.


This smartphone pouch it’s adorable!



Because traffic safety is currently a hot topic in Japan, Hot Mobily offers reflector key holder to attach to school bags. Primary schools frequently order reflector key holders for their schoolchildren.



Customers can make orders on the website of Hot Mobily or make an appointment at Tokyo office. After clearly defined the item’s design, Hot Mobily sends a PDF file with a picture of the items. Customers can also ask for receiving samples. It’s straightforward!


You will launch a promotional campaign for your company, shop or restaurant? Will you hold an event? Hot Mobily will offer you the best service you need for customized promotional items!



Story and Photos by Aline Lambelet