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Marusa Yohin

place5 minute walk from Exit 4 of Kiba Station

Clothes for the Winter Season

Published: February 7, 2018

On Toyo Benten Shotengai (Toyo Benten Shopping Street), the wide avenue dissecting Toyo 1-chome, stands Marusa Yohin (Marusa Clothing Store). The shop is not into fashion branding or boutique clothing, but instead you can come in and browse for practical clothing at reasonable prices.



Now that we are into the coldest season, the store is having a Grand Winter Sale, which may continue “until the weather gets warmer”, according to Mr. Hiroshi Niwa, the store manager.



At this time of the year, wander around the store and you will find racks of men’s and women’s winter jackets with a range of prices; the thickly-padded down jackets looked particularly warm.



The shop doesn’t target teenagers or those in their twenties, but rather focuses on the middle-aged and older generations. Ladies can find everyday wear here; some of it in striking colours and patterns.



And the shop also caters to larger persons; there are areas dedicated to larger sizes in both the men’s and women’s sections of the store, with sizes going up to LL, 3L and 4L.





At the other end of the age scale, if you live in the vicinity of Toyo 1-chome and have children of kindergarten, elementary or junior high school ages, the shop is designated to sell school uniforms, school bags and sports kits for a number of schools in the area, and has stocked up for the coming school year, which starts in April.





And during this cold weather, what better souvenir to take away than a “hanten”, the traditional padded short coat worn in winter. This makes an excellent body warmer for wearing around the house or apartment.



Marusa Yohin is unusual in having a cleaning section in the store.



Here they will arrange for clothing to be cleaned offsite and returned in 3 to 4 days. Upon request shirts, if handed in before lunchtime, can be cleaned and returned the following day. The counter also handles soft toys and carpets for cleaning.



And if you are just looking for something to keep out the cold at the moment, why not try the 100% cotton long-sleeved undershirts or even the “long johns” – something I’m considering if it gets much colder.




Story and Photos by Jeremy Hutchinson