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Japanese Beef Hand cut Yakiniku Meat・Meet

place9 minute walk from exit 3 of Toyosu station

Meat Meet: a gathering of meat lovers

Published: December 28, 2023

※Prices are subject to change from those in effect at the time of the interview. Please contact the store directly for the latest information.


The “Japanese Beef Hand cut Yakiniku Meat・Meet” which opened in January 2023, is a yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant that focuses on high-quality, tender beef, primarily sourced from female cattle.


Meat Meet

The menu features domestic beef, primarily sourced from Sendai Beef and Yamagata beef. Cattles from the cold climate of the Tohoku region is known to develop fat easily, resulting in high-quality meat with beautiful marbling.

*Some of the tongue and offal parts may be sourced from abroad.

The owner is an advocate of Yamagata beef, saying that the fat compounds are very fine making it more delicious and more popular among kids and the elderly, and of course lovers of fatty meat. The meat is sliced by hand and not machine, allowing for more precision with not only shape but also balance of red meat and fat.


国産牛手切り焼肉ミート・ミート豊洲枝川店 国産牛手切り焼肉ミート・ミート豊洲枝川店

The interior has over 50 seats, including sofa and table seating, creating a spacious and relaxed atmosphere. The smokeless roasters installed on the tables have exhaust functions directly integrated into the grilling surface, ensuring that smoke does not fill the air, and there is minimal transfer of odors to clothing.

You won’t smell of yakiniku after your meal since the fan pulls down the smoke and ventilates underground. That’s a huge plus for those who are dressed up. The simplicity of the interior is very nice and comforting too!


Meat Meet

You can order from smartphones.

The English menu is accessible through a QR code, but the images on the printed menu are very clear making it easy to choose without speaking Japanese.



△Choregi Salad: 638 yen

A portion generous enough to satisfy three to four people comfortably.

Choregi Salad consists of lettuce, cucumber, and mizuna, dressed with a sesame oil-based salt dressing. This crunchy texture makes it an essential side dish at yakiniku restaurants! I put the lemon juice on it which made it more refreshing.


Meat Meet

△Thick-cut Salted Tongue: 2,178 yen.

The thick slices of beef tongue feature a tender and marbled cut from the premium tongue base. The home-made sauce includes options for both sweet and spicy tastes.

Salted tongue pairs well with a refreshing lemon-based sauce.

This cut of meat is my personal favorite. The texture of the beef tongue at this shop is firm yet very easy to chew. Because it’s less greasy and tastes lighter than other meats it’s often eaten first. I would only eat it with the lemon juice because the sauces would overpower the overall taste.


Meat Meet

△Black Wagyu Large Ribeye Steak: 2,948 yen.

The Black Wagyu ribeye has a fine texture and is exceptionally tender.

This meat is very filling due to the amount of fat which makes it tender and juicy. The fattier meats pair well with the homemade sauce which includes homemade garlic salt.


Meat Meet

The drink menu includes beer, lemon sour, shochu, wine, and more. The orange in the citrus type drink named “Shiawase Kajitsu” which means Happiness Fruits in Japanese is freshly squeezed, available for both alcoholic drink and juice for 638 yen.

The Shiawase Kajitsu line up caught my eye immediately. It comes in 3 flavors: mandarin orange, yuzu and jabara, a more bitter citrus fruit. If you like sweeter, I recommend the mandarin orange and if you want something in between, go for the yuzu. For adults, I recommend getting is mixed with shochu.


Meat Meet

Families with small children can also enjoy high-quality yakiniku with peace of mind at “Meat・Meet”. Using the Kotomise Coupon, you can enjoy a 10% discount on the

all-you-can-eat option or receive a complimentary drink for a la carte orders during weekday dinners.

If you love meat and can eat a lot, the all-you-can-eat option is the best value for money. For people with smaller appetites, you can order a couple plates of meat and a salad, and it would be perfectly satisfying.

Because this shop caters to families, it is non-smoking, but you can smoke outside at the entrance.


Meat Meet

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※Information is based on November 2023. Prices, operating hours, and other details might have changed. Please verify with the store directly.

※All prices mentioned in this article include tax.