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Mitaka: Handmade noodle dishes and very caring staff

Published: November 25, 2023

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A soba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant with a history of over 70 years.



The interior features seven, four-person tables. The ceiling is adorned with thick wooden beams, creating a relaxing atmosphere reminding customer of traditional Japanese houses.

In the past, most customers were male, until the current female staff members joined and changed the atmosphere to make it more accommodating to single female diners and families! All the staff are genuinely kind and friendly.



The menu has 20 varieties of meticulously crafted soba.

In addition, there is a diverse selection of dishes, including ramen, fried rice, omelet rice,  katsudon, and more.

With such a very wide variety of items on the menu, and all the menus very appealing, it can be hard to decide what to order. The top 3 picks would have to be the

Ten-zaru soba set (the most popular), the Ten-curry and the Nabe-yaki udon set.



△Ten-Zaru 1,300 yen

This dish features a variety of tempura, including shrimp, white fish, shiitake mushrooms, eggplant, okra, and green bell peppers—a total of six types served as a topping.

The Ten-zaru set is my top pick since you get the variety of vegetables, and the buckwheat noodles are a healthy option. You will not get bored with the taste, and I can understand why this is popular.



After placing the seasonings from the small dish into the soba dipping sauce, you can dip the soba noodles and tempura in to enjoy the wonderful taste.

The tempura is crispy and the dipping sauce for the noodles is flavorful. They make the soup stock that is used in the dipping sauce, ramen, and other dishes in-house every day using locally sourced ingredients. I believe that this dedication is evidence of a genuine pursuit of taste and quality in their food. The restaurant’s attention to the small details makes their dishes truly special.



△Ten-Curry 1,100 yen

If you’re hungry and are looking for something richer-tasting, the Ten-curry is a great option! The udon noodles are very filling, the curry is thick and flavorful, and it comes with a big shrimp tempura.



△Nabe-Yaki Udon 1,200 yen

This is a very popular dish during the colder seasons. Udon noodles and a variety of ingredients are served in a savory soup. The standard ingredients include shiitake mushrooms, fish cake, half-boiled egg, shrimp tempura, and some greens. The dish is served with a side of cold tofu with a bit of grated ginger (for that refreshing, yet warming effect).



Mr. Iijima the owner and the two staffs, Ms. Okamura and Ms. Sato.

When visiting the shop, I really felt like I was inside of a Showa era TV series and felt nostalgic. The staffs are often mistaken as a family, but each staff member plays a different role, and focus a lot on teamwork!

Please feel free to visit them for a good traditional Japanese food.

The shop currently only accepts cash.

There is no English menu, but please refer to the top 3 picks.



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