Spring Has Arrived at Pâtisserie Ours

Good quality ingredients, seasonal flavours, and perfectly indulgent. Like any true masters, Mr. and Mrs. Fukuyama are passionate about what they do; carefully crafting pastries, cakes, cookies, and more at Pâtisserie Ours.



Mrs. Fukuyama has an affection for bears (“ours” means “bear” in French) and Mr. Fukuyama happily incorporated the animal into every facet of the store, including the logo. Even from the street, it is evident everything about Pâtisserie Ours has been selected with care.


The décor and items on offer are lovingly and artfully displayed.



Mr. Fukuyama explained about 20 types of pastry and cake are available at any time, half of which are seasonal. He works closely with suppliers to ensure the ingredients are top quality, and makes delicious confections that are somehow classic and nostalgic, but also whimsical.


Always on the go, he kindly took some time out of his busy schedule for a quick chat about the bakery, and the current seasonal flavours.




First, I sampled the strawberry chiffon, at 440 yen. A light airy strawberry-flavoured cake, with rich cream, and topped with a glazed half strawberry. Made with margarine, cream, and Fukuoka strawberries, the flavour is delicate and something everyone will enjoy. Available until Golden Week, or until supplies last, this is the perfect way to celebrate the start of spring.



Next was a layered cake with almond and Jersey cream, topped with a glazed chestnut. Jersey dairy products are famously rich, delicious, and British, so I was quite surprised to hear the cream is actually from Okayama Prefecture. The region is home to Jersey cows imported from the Channel Islands in the 20th century, but are still a rare breed, and therefore a specialty item in Japan. The cake has a spongey but substantial texture that pairs well with the decadent cream filling. The dairy was definitely the star of this dessert.



Finally, I tried the cheesecake, a very satisfying slice with an excellent balance between sweet and savoury, and a rich smooth texture. A solid choice for a decadent dessert.


Browsing the store, I saw birthday candles for sale and Mr. Fukuyama explained they make customised cakes for all occasions. Clients can select their desired flavour and Pâtisserie Ours will happily comply. They can also adjust the recipe if allergies are a concern. Orders must be made 3-5 days in advance and further details are available on the website.



Unsurprisingly, with such high-quality offerings, along with two passionate and talented owners, Pâtisserie Ours has become a popular fixture in the neighbourhood.  Mr. and Mrs. Fukuyama change up the seasonal items regularly and the locals of Fukagawa are always keenly anticipating the next culinary creation.




Story and Photos by Jenna Wilson