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Photo Studio Neko Piano

place14 minute walk from A4 exit of Nishi-Ojima Station

Photo Studio Dedicated to Cat Lovers

Published: May 21, 2024

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Owned and operated by piano teacher, former cat breeder & cat lover.


Photo Studio Neko Piano

Operated by an owner with over 10 years of experience as a breeder, “Photo Studio Neko Piano” not only operates a cat-exclusive photo studio but also serves as a space for piano lessons.

Located inside of a house in a quiet residential area, the place is identifiable by its wooden sign hanging on the door and the stone path leading to the entrance.


Photo Studio Neko Piano

The piano studio is located on the first floor, while the photo studio is on the second floor. The main users of the photo studio are primarily cat lovers from the local community, as well as people whom the owner met during their time as a breeder, who come regularly.

You can take a family portrait with your feline friend for any occasion or just of them for fun or even for a marriage photo.


Photo Studio Neko Piano

The owner prioritizes the well-being of the cats and has learned techniques from veterinarians to ensure stress-free photography sessions for the cats. You can confidently entrust your cat’s photoshoot to this studio.

Having been a breeder for many years and the owner of many cats herself, she is very conscious of animal care and protection.

Also, the owner rents a house exclusively for cats, ensuring that they can live together comfortably together.


Photo Studio Neko Piano

General photo studios have overly bright lighting, which leads to the cat’s stress. At Photo Studio Neko Piano, they sometimes turn off the lights to ensure a comfortable environment for the cat during the shoot.


Photo Studio Neko Piano

There are snacks for cats prepared too.

The guaranteed way of getting a good shot together: giving treats and playing with toys.


Photo Studio Neko Piano

The “Photo Studio Neko Piano” captures the feeling that cats are also important members of the family in the photos.

Please take a photo with your beloved cat and create a lifetime memory!


Photo Studio Neko Piano

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※Information is based on April 2024. Prices, operating hours, and other details may change. Please verify with the store directly.