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place1 minute walk from West exit of Shiomi Station

Ramen Restaurant「Butakichi」

Published: July 18, 2023

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Landmark is the big letters written “Butakichi”

It is located right next to a supermarket, just a short walk from the west exit of JR Shiomi Station.

Will not miss the signs once you set your eyes on it!


The restaurant has two floors, with spacious seating on both the first and second floors!


The “Butakichii Ramen” (Mazesoba) is a dish where vegetables are piled up generously on top of the noodles, and it is further topped with garlic, seasoned pork fat, and chopped green onions. The garlic, seasoned pork fat, and chopped green onions are served in their usual amounts as shown in the photo, but you can also request for extra servings when placing your order. This restaurant also offers a variety of menu options, including mini-sized portions that are easy for women to enjoy.


By thoroughly mixing the soy sauce-based sauce with the noodles and vegetables, you can fully savor the rich flavor of the noodles coated in the savory soy sauce dressing.

The taste of Butakichi Ramen were excellent from the first bite. The size of the bowl was huge and it was only the regular size. For those who love vegetables, this would be the choice for you, the mung bean sprouts and cabbage is a great bite and it takes in all of the flavor of the excellent soup. The chashu was also excellent and full of flavors with a slight sweet undertones. Soup incorporates a strong salty soy sauce flavor that pairs excellently with the raw fresh garlic.


The traditional Chinese-style soy sauce ramen, “Shoyu Ramen,” is priced at 605 yen.

The soup is made by extracting rich broth from simmered pork meat, dried sardine, and flavored vegetables, and then adding soy sauce seasoning to enhance its depth of flavor. As you taste the noodles, the gentle aroma of the soup spreads throughout your mouth, leaving a soothing sensation that gradually soaks through your body.

Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce Ramen) is the most traditional ramen on the menu that incorporates a perfectly seasoned broth with springy noodles that is a wonderful experience in your mouth. The soup has soy sauce undertone, however it is not too salty at all. Simply a soup that you can drink. The ramen incorporates the wonderful chashu that brings a slight smokiness which brings a slightly different taste from the earthy and crunchy bamboo shoot.


The “Niku Soba” is priced at 770 yen and features a base of Chinese-style soup with the addition of a Japanese-style soy sauce soup.

The soup has a distinct depth of flavor that sets it apart from the regular shoyu ramen. When you mix the grated momiji topping in the center of the bowl into the soup as you eat, it combines with the scent of shiso (perilla) leaves, creating a delightful taste with a more Japanese-style essence.

This is the perfect dish for those who love pork. From the first bite of the Niku Soba, you get a punch of deep pork flavor in the broth that is perfectly balanced by the grated momiji topping that brings sourness to the soup making it a perfect combination. It has a slightly spicy aftertaste but not too spicy that can disturb the eating experience .The Soba includes green onions and onion that gives this dish an additional element of sharpness and sweetness.


The “Shoyu Katsu Curry Ramen” is priced at 935 yen.

The first thing that impresses you is the visually striking presentation of the topping of katsu curry. The soup is soy sauce-based, and although it may initially appear rich, it is not heavy due to the soy sauce base. Also, if you order rice along with the ramen, you can have curry as an additional topping. This is a delightful service that adds to the enjoyment of the meal.

This Shoyu Katsu Curry Ramen was very delicious. It incorporates the restaurant’s katsu curry with their soy sauce ramen. The flavor from the curry mixed in the soy sauce broth is the perfect combination as it’s creamy with a strong cumin fragrance that coats the tender pork cutlet. The characterestics of this dish is that it doesn’t compromise on the flavors of the curry or the  ramen but rather work well together like any good dish should have.


In addition to ramen and curry, the restaurant offers a variety of alcoholic beverages such as beer and highballs, as well as appetizer menus like gyoza, karaage (fried chicken), and cheese rolls. Many people enjoy a drink after work at “Butakichi” ramen restaurant in front of Shiomi Station. Whether you’re looking for a satisfying, hearty meal or a lighter ramen option, they have a wide range of menu choices that can please everyone. Why don’t you come and visit?

If you are able to meet the owner, you will understand where the excellent food and service comes from.

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