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Matcha Café Sette

place5 minute walk from Exit 1 of Kiba Station

Rest, work, or indulge, Matcha Café Sette has it all

Published: October 21, 2020

As working remotely is becoming the new long-term reality for many, the perfect café work-environment is now a highly-sought commodity. Matcha Café Sette, run by Mami Kubota and her daughter Mariho, is a cute local café, bar, and shop that perfectly hits all the marks.



Tucked away in Toyo about 5 minutes’ walk from Kiba Station, the café at first appears tiny, with the bar and shop all close together at the front of the store. However, head towards the back and there’s a whole other room perfectly set up to hide away. “I like that the backroom is a surprise,” says Mariko smiling. “People aren’t expecting to find such a big space when we tell them to walk through and take a seat.




Indeed, it truly is the ideal working space. Very quiet with desks, chairs, a bookshelf full of reading options, a piano, and a TV. “Sometimes we set up games on the TV for kids to play, it gives the mums a chance to relax. People also enjoy playing the piano without having to worry about bothering anyone,” explains Mariko. There’s no need to worry about noise complaints here, the room is completely soundproofed and is available to book for parties or events, even live music!



At the front the store, customers can choose from a wide selection of drinks, including matcha, sencha (green tea), hojicha (roasted tea), kombu cha (roasted kelp tea) with hot, cold, latte, and milkshake options. Non-caffeine drinks include a variety of fruit juices and alcohol (plum wine, sake, beer, wine, and spirits) with tasting menus available. Prices range from 310 to 1370 yen.


We got to try the matcha latte and hochicha jelly latte, which were fantastically refreshing and rich for a hot summer day.




Foodwise, Matcha Café Sette offers light snacks and meals, such as umeboshi (pickled plum – 100 yen), miso soup with pork and vegetables (370 yen), onigiri (rice ball – 170 yen) meharizushi (a rice ball wrapped in a mustard leaf – 300 yen for two), a three dish set (550 yen), and ramen (550 yen).




For those in the mood for something sweet, they have soft-serve ice cream, puddings, mochi with sweet red beans and matcha, and French toast.




Hailing from Wakayama in Kansai, Ms. Kubota and her daughter are always keen to promote local products. There is a shelf packed full of delicious treats from the area, including fruit liqueurs, pickled vegetables, and vinegars. There is also loose-leaf tea, tea products, jam, and other delights.




Not just limited to food and drink, Matcha Café Sette also has an “Artist’s Corner” showcasing the work of local craftspeople as well as their own handmade custom masks. “We are using designer fabric, such as Christian Dior, with a second mesh layer for proper filtration and breathability. Customers can choose the fabric colour and we’ll make them within a few days.”




And what about the name “Sette”? “It’s from the Italian word for ‘seven’, a number for good luck and fortune in both Europe and Japan.”


With the delightful items on offer, as well as the calm and relaxing space, I doubt much luck is needed for this mother-daughter power team.




Story and photographs by Jenna Wilson