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Asian Dining LUMBINI Toyocho Branch

place1 minute walk from Sengoku 2 chome bus station

Spice Up Your Day: Asian Delicacies

Published: January 27, 2024

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Asian Dining LUMBINI Toyocho Branch, opened in May 2009. The restaurant imports spices and seasonings directly from Nepal and India, allowing you to savor the authentic flavors.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

The exotic interior of the establishment occasionally hosts events such as belly dance shows, adding to the unique atmosphere.

The restaurant has a generously sized dining space that has a view of the open kitchen, bustling with several chefs at work.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

With an extensive menu, there are also takeout options available. Additionally, it seems that delivery services are provided in the vicinity of the restaurant.

The menu is very easy to look at, and you can make a clear vision of the dishes just by looking at it. There is also a Thai chef so the restaurant also offers dishes from Thailand.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

Lunch set featuring a choice of three curries: 1,000 yen.

The Butter Chicken Curry is a popular option, and the set includes a drink and salad.

This lunch set is substantial, and you can enjoy three different curries, providing a satisfying variety without getting tired of the flavors. The restaurant offers attractive prices that appeal to both weekday employees and weekend families.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

Deluxe Lunch: 1,550 yen

This set includes three types of curry along with shish kebab, shrimp, and chicken. Other than naan, saffron rice, and papad is also offered.

For those with hearty appetites or needing an energy boost, the Deluxe Lunch will surely satisfy! The appearance is authentic, and it visually satisfies as if you are tasting local cuisine, providing a genuine and delightful experience.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

Saffron rice cooked with a blend of various spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

The saffron rice is appetizing, isn’t it? Personally, I love saffron rice, and having it with

curry makes me very satisfied. Also, I appreciate that this restaurant uses high-quality rice that complements their dishes.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

The spacious area on the second floor, accommodating up to 25 people, is designated as a party floor with a karaoke machine.

Reservations are necessary for karaoke use as the space is rented out exclusively for it.

Having a private party room is a fantastic addition. The room is spacious and allows guests to enjoy freely. The space can also be reserved for daytime events, such as children’s parties.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

The owner Mr. Samsel Bhandari is not only fluent in Japanese but also has proficiency in English, Hindi, and Malay.

Mr. Samsel Bhandari, the restaurant manager, is a delight to talk to, and it’s no wonder many customers become regulars. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, come and explore the diverse flavors served here.


Asian Dining LUMBINE

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