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place2 minute walk from exit 4 of Monzen-nakacho station

Super Healthy & Delicious! “Shabu-Shabu Onyasai Monzen-nakacho branch”

Published: October 14, 2023

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The perfect place to eat out with friends, family or your date for a very interactive eating experience.


With a wide variety of options, you can enjoy and make your own hot pot.

With 5 types of beef, 4 types of pork, 3 types of chicken, and 8 types of broths, along with seasonal vegetables and a rich selection of side dishes, you can explore approximately 10,000 different combinations at Shabu Shabu Onyasai Monzen nakacho branch.

‘Shabu Shabu’ is the sound of swishing uncooked food through broth for a short while until lightly cooked. The expression is mainly used to refer to a type of hotpot in which you lightly cook and eat small portions in rotation. You can enjoy it directly out of the broth for a simple taste or dip into ponzu or sesame sauce for more punch. The store manager also recommends to try a sip of the broth before dipping anything into the hotpot to enjoy the savory flavor.


Shabu Shabu Onyasai Monzen nakacho branch uses only vegetables that are locally produced, sent directly from the farmers and that sends the most delicious seasonal vegetables.

Japan takes pride in their domestic produce and it’s clear why. The vegetables are flavorful on their own, especially when lightly cooked. Make sure to try the vegetables without sauce at first to enjoy the delicious natural flavors. In general, vegetables are dipped in Ponzu (a refreshing citrusy fish base sauce) while meat is dipped in sesame sauce (it’s creamy and thick), but of course you can alternate freely.


They are also very particular about their meat.

To maintain high quality, they visit markets all over Japan, and from among the cows and pigs that have been raised under the best conditions, experts select the best quality and after many rigorous inspections, the restaurant staff cut them one by one with precision.

The thinly sliced meat will cook through rather quickly. One of the most popular meats is the Shimofuri Wagyu (a marbled effect with the red meat and the fat evenly distributed). Personally, I love fatty meat because I feel the benefits of collagen!


After knowing the process of how the meats are being selected, please try the shabu shabu (To dip the meat inside the broth)!

For your first bite, please try the first bite without any sauce, savoring the meat in its shabu-shabu state with the broth.


After you dip the meat and vegetables inside the broth, put them on the “Draining plate” allowing the broth to drain away, ensuring that the sauce does not dilute, and you can enjoy the delicious flavors until the very end.

Always start off with light and simple flavors before enjoying stronger and richer flavors so that you can fully enjoy it all.


Dessert after the meal

The store manager highly recommends this vanilla ice cream topped with kinako (roasted soybean powder) and kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup). You can enjoy a beautiful fusion of Western dessert and traditional Japanese flavors.


If you’re visiting Japan or Onyasai for the first time, the store manager recommends the konbu dashi (seaweed broth) and the katsuo dashi (fish broth) as they are part of Japanese staple food. Remember to try a sip of the broth before you start!

The menu offers seasonal specialties, so if you go a few times, you can really enjoy a wide variety of hotpots.


You can access the English menu with a QR code, and the staff will do their best to communicate in English if needed.

The atmosphere is relaxing and calm; a slightly modern take on wabi-sabi and the lighting is soft and warm. You can have privacy with sheer partitions or choose a more open space for bigger groups.

At Shabu Shabu Onyasai Monzen nakacho branch please enjoy the “Vegetable”, “Meat” and “Broth”! The carefully selected 8 types of broth will surely captivate you.


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※Information is based on August 2023. Prices, operating hours, and other details might have changed. Please verify with the store directly.

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