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Monzen-nakacho Shisha Cafe&Bar Danran

place0 minute walk from exit 3 of Monzen-nakacho station

Tokyo Shisha Lounge : A Taste of Urban Bliss

Published: November 7, 2023

※Prices are subject to change from those in effect at the time of the interview. Please contact the store directly for the latest information.


Where flavor meets relaxation, and You immerse yourself in the rich cultural experience of shisha, Surrounded by the vibrant heartbeat of Tokyo’s downtown.


Like a log house style hidden space.
The café features a minimalist and relaxing decor. The chairs and sofas are incredibly comfortable, making you want to linger and enjoy the café for hours.
The sound ambiance varies with the time of day, featuring relaxing electronic music or hip-hop.


Sheesha Cafe&Bar Danran has many flavors available, including fruity flavors and spicy flavors.

In addition to offering a wide selection of shisha, the café provides a diverse range of beverages, including fruit juices, teas, and herbal infusions, as well as alcoholic drinks!


When smoking shisha you use a smoking device called a water pipe, which passes the smoke from burnt tobacco through water in a bowl and allows smoking with the filtered smoke. The smoke is cooled as it passes through the water, giving it a milder flavor compared to regular cigarettes.

For those who have quit smoking, the café also offers nicotine-free flavors. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of flavors available and the smoothness of the tobacco used. The café staff will regularly come to change the charcoal to avoid the flavors to get burnt and to clean the ashes so the shisha maintains its flavor and the smoothness, extending the duration of the experience!


You insert your own mouthpiece at the end of the pipe when smoking the shisha, so  you can enjoy it with a few people with one shisha.

The shisha is perfect for sharing with friends. A session typically lasts between 30 and 45 minutes on average. Each person will be given their own mouthpiece to ensure a sufficient level of hygiene, making sharing worry-free!


It is an environment where people can also focus on their work.

The atmosphere during the afternoon is calm and conducive to work, all while enjoying a relaxed ambiance. It seems like many regulars come with their laptops, and there is Wi-Fi and electrical outlets available.


You can even purchase the store’s uniform at the store. This stylish uniform has a drawing where two men and women are enjoying shisha and having a warm conversation (Danran), which is the store’s logo.

The owner is a young entrepreneur with plans to open more establishments in the future. It’s evident by talking to him that he already has a clear vision for his business and the brand he has created.If you enjoy discussing the world of entrepreneurship, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with him!


Be sure to visit and enjoy the craft beer and carefully selected coffee beans that pair perfectly with shisha at Shisha Cafe & Bar Danran!

From afternoon until late into the night, whether you want to work in a relaxed atmosphere or spend a pleasant time with friends, Shisha Café Bar Dran is the place to be for an enjoyable time​!


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※Information is based on September 2023. Prices, operating hours, and other details might have changed. Please verify with the store directly.

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