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Iberico Bar Monnaka

place2-minute walk from Exit 6 of Monzen-nakacho station

Top-quality Pork and Spanish Flare at Iberico Bar Monnaka

Published: October 23, 2020

Located in a vibrant red building blanketed in vines and adorned with rustic touches, Iberico Bar Monnaka certainly stands out. Run by owner Hirosuke Matsui, the restaurant has been a fixture in Monzen-Nakacho for 13 years. Iberico Monnaka is a chain of restaurants located across Tokyo and was one of the first establishments to specialize in Spanish cuisine.



“Back then, western cuisine was still quite a novelty. Not many people had travelled outside of Japan besides businessman, so it was seen as very exotic,” explains head chef Endo.


At the heart of Iberico’s menu is the pork. Imported from Spain, the pork has a rich flavour due to the pigs being fed acorns. Pig-themed décor is throughout the restaurant and the menu has a helpful diagram to show diners which cut refers to which part of the animal. The “Sebo” is prosciutto that is aged for 18 months, while the “Iberico Bejota” is the finest quality, aged for 24 months.




Upon entering the restaurant, straight ahead on top of the bar were not one but two cured pork legs proudly on display, ready to be shaved into thin slices of prosciutto.


Open for lunch, dinner, and tapas, Iberico serves up a plethora of Spanish and fusion dishes that are sure to delight: tapas, salads, soups, stews, desserts, and more.



Currently on offer are two options for a shabu-shabu lunch set at 4000 and 500 yen per person.



A veritable feast, the set begins with a tomato gazpacho and beautifully presented amuse-bouche that changes daily. On today’s menu was a stuffed mushroom, aioli potato salad, and grilled sardine.





Next is the pork in three ways: charcuterie with savory biscuits, roasted with grilled vegetables, and thinly sliced pork shoulder tenderloin for the hot pot. Shabu-shabu is a participatory activity where the diners dip and thereby cook both meat and 3 types of vegetables (mushrooms, leeks, fresh bean sprouts) in a hot broth. For summer, the set is paired with a chicken consommé and an aioli dipping sauce.


Finally, a small ramen and rich matcha-walnut catalana (custard) dessert.


On the drink menu is a large selection of Spanish wines, along with Spanish beers, and spirits. Whatever your taste, the staff are happy to recommend a good pairing.



Always aiming to share Spanish culture with the masses, Iberico participates in events throughout the year across Tokyo, including wine-making courses, live music and dance festivals, and more.


“We take part in different events. Every year we’re at the Fiesta de España that’s in Yoyogi park in November. We have a booth with a big grill, celebrating all weekend long!”, says chef Endo.



A jovial group, Chef Endo and his staff are truly passionate about what they do, bringing a splash of Spanish colour to the Monzen-nakacho area. When asked what people can expect to find at Iberico Bar Monnaka, Kimura Takamura, who’s worked here 8-years says simply, “a carefree environment, delicious food, and something for everyone!”



Story and photographs by Jenna Wilson