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Onigiri soreto Misoshiru

place12 minute walk from exit 1 of Minami-Sunamachi station

Two beloved foods cherished by the Japanese: Onigiri and Miso soup.

Published: March 8, 2024

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A unique interior setting where you can enjoy and savor two major traditional food cultures of Japan.


Onigiri soreto Misoshiru

At “Onigiri soreto Misoshiru” there are more than 30 varieties of generously sized rice balls and miso soups with plenty of ingredients.

As soon as you place your order, the owner warmly welcomes you. They are very easy to talk to and will help you choose from the extensive menu based on recommendations and your preferences!


Onigiri soreto Misoshiru

The staff has created a stylish and unique interior through DIY, making the space both fashionable and distinctive.

The atmosphere inside the shop is a delightful blend of Western and Japanese pop culture, creating a space that is visually engaging. It feels welcoming and has a nostalgic, retro vibe making it a very comfortable and enjoyable place to be.


Onigiri soreto Misoshiru

The interior is laid out like a bakery, allowing customers to enjoy a leisurely meal.

Onigiri is a food item made by shaping slightly salted white rice into circular or triangular forms, filling it with preferred ingredients, and wrapping it with seaweed. Generally cherished as a lunchbox or portable snack, it holds a significant place in Japanese tradition. While sandwiches are common for picnics in the West, the Japanese often bring onigiri.


Onigiri soreto Misoshiru

Miso soup with plenty of ingredients:

Large size: 250 yen. Small size: 150 yen.

Miso soup is a popular soup in many Japanese households, known for its beneficial effects on balancing your digestive health. Regardless of the season, it provides a warmth that permeates to the core of the body whenever consumed.

The cost-performance is great, and I was pleasantly surprised by the generous portions of the meals! There’s a park near the restaurant and enjoying a meal there during the warm seasons would surely enhance the dining experience even more.


Tamagoyaki with raw seaweed (Japanese omelet): 150 yen.

This shop not only offers traditional onigiri but also features daily specials crafted with seasonal ingredients. You can choose from about 15 different onigiri options, and they also provide choices like soup and tamagoyaki. Tamagoyaki refers to a Japanese-style omelet, and it’s a classic addition to bento box menus. I personally love tamagoyaki as well!


The interior, complete with a DJ booth, hosts a DJ every Wednesday.


Onigiri soreto Misoshiru

Come and experience this unique space that has both Western and Japanese culture!


Onigiri soreto Misoshiru

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