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Arigataya Nishi-ojima store

place1 minute walk from Exit A1 of Nihi-ojima station

Wanted at Arigataya! Brand Goods and Smartphone Repair!

Published: July 20, 2021


Arigataya is a brand new kaitori shop located near Nishi-ojima station. The kaitori business (literally buy and take in Japanese) has boomed in the country recently, perhaps partly influenced by the decluttering movement. Simply put, kaitori are shops that will buy and resell a wide variety of branded goods, such as bags, watches, jewelry, cameras, and more at discount prices. On a recent sunny morning, we dropped in for a chat with manager Mr Keisuke Yano and repair maestro Mr. Yoshiki Shinohara.



Arigataya is impossible to miss. Just one minute’s walk from exit A1 of Nishi-ojima station, the signboard above the entrance clearly indicates the shop’s business. “Arigataya Ojima is our second shop,” explained Mr. Yano, on the right here. “The first shop opened in neighbouring Edogawa Ward in 2011. After building up a solid relationship with local customers there over the last ten years, we chose Nishi-ojima as our new site.”



So, what’s the system? “It’s really straightforward,” said Mr. Yano. “The customer brings in their item or items, we appraise them and make an offer. We deal mainly in brand goods and are very experienced, so we know the current going rate for most items. For rarer or unusual things, it may take a little longer to investigate and ascertain the value. In the case of scuffed, scratched, stained, or damaged goods, we always advise customers to bring them in and let us have a look. It’s a free service, so no harm done.”



The shop opened in April 2021, and is already proving popular with local residents and workers. “It’s a really friendly area, which is the main reason we wanted to open a shop here,” said Mr. Yano. There’s a small selection of top quality items available in the store.



Well known European and American luxury brands are much evidence.



“Aside from brand goods and jewelry we will take art work, hobby items such as toys, figures and games, ceramics, pottery, and cameras. Everything, really,” said Mr. Yano.



Many of the leather items such as bags, wallets and purses are 1980s and 90s vintage.



Some items are Japan only or limited editions, much in demand from foreign collectors.



Arigataya also buys gold, platinum, and other precious metals. The daily prices for each are marked up around 10:30 every morning.



Whether it’s K24 ingots, K24, K18 or K14 gold, Mr. Yano will don his white glove and weigh it. If you have any platinum you don’t want either, he’d be more than happy to purchase it.



Here Mr. Yano minutely examines a luxury wristwatch. When asked for his professional opinion on a good investment now, he thought deeply and suggested Rolex watches. Thank you!



One special service offered by Arigataya that’s showing a demand beyond all expectations is the smartphone repair performed by Mr. Shinohara, who spent years learning the trade in an Akihabara repair shop. Front glass and back panel replacements, changing batteries, home button replacement, camera repair and a host of other marvellous services are available for all makes of Iphone, Android and other phones. Mr. Shinohara can also fix your tablet or Ipad, too. If in doubt, just drop in and ask. Arigataya is a great shop with friendly, efficient staff just waiting for your custom.





Story and Photos by Stephen Spencer