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panini cafe FRANK

place1 minute walk from A4 exit of Morishita Station

A Cozy & Casual Cafe

Published: April 26, 2024

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Panini cafe FRANK, renowned for its committed freshly baked paninis, has opened just a minute’s walk from Morishita Station.


panini cafe FRANK

The interior of the cafe is filled with soothing jazz music, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing. It’s perfect for lunch, reading a book and even doing some remote work. The owners are originally from Fukuoka, which is known for its delicious food and some of the items are based on food from the Kyushu region.


panini cafe FRANK

Tomato Mozzarella (A la carte: ¥450)

There are a total of six types of paninis available:

“Shime Saba Grain Mustard”, “Tomato Mozzarella”, “Egg Tuna Corn”, “Unzen Ham”, “Chicken Nanban”, “Azuki and Cream Cheese”

Panini is an Italian-origin sandwich, and indeed the tomato mozzarella was very delicious! Also, I was surprised to hear that the Shime Saba Grain Mustard, which combines Japanese and Western flavors, is popular among overseas customers.


panini cafe FRANK

Vegetable Potage

The potage is made in-house and is very tasty. It goes very well with a panini.


panini cafe FRANK

Mini Salad

A mini salad is included with all set menus.

[Panini Lunch Set Menu]

・Your choice of 2 paninis + Vegetable Potage (¥1,100)

・Your choice of 2 paninis + Drink (¥1,100)

・Your choice of 2 paninis + Vegetable Potage + Drink (¥1,300)

The potage set with coffee was perfect as a lunch combo! It had a good balance and volume, and it was very satisfying. While the salad changes periodically, it seems they offer salads reminiscent of those you would find in the Kyushu area.


panini cafe FRANK

Homemade Tiramisu (¥400)

This tiramisu goes perfectly with the medium-roast specialty coffee.

The amount of sweetness is just right, and its creamy texture gives it a decadent and rich flavor.


panini cafe FRANK

Panini cafe FRANK offers takeout and food delivery services! Additionally, they welcome customers with baby strollers and provide amenities such as warming baby food and a simple nursing area, ensuring that families with children can enjoy their visit without any concerns.

The cafe is popular among both locals and tourists, and it’s available for small events and daytime group celebrations. All of the dishes are delicious and reasonably priced, and the staff are very friendly. Please come and visit when you can!



panini cafe FRANK

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