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Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

place1 minute walk from A3 exit of Morishita Station

Artisanal, High Quality and Affordable Sweets

Published: April 17, 2024

※Prices are subject to change from those in effect at the time of the interview. Please contact the store directly for the latest information.


The Korean style macaron which is called “Ddungcaron” (Pronounced Tunkaron)!

Its name is derived from the Korean term for ‘chubby macaron’, and it’s a sweet that evolved from the French macaron.


Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

The shop exterior is very cute with a macaron tower visible.

The exterior may appear to be a high-end store, but the interior has a calm atmosphere with a touch of playfulness, offering plenty of reasonably priced sweets. The name “nabi” means “butterfly,” symbolizing prosperity and joy in life.


Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi


In the eat-in space, ice oolong tea, coffee, and black tea are also available for 200 yen.

Although the shop is compact, it’s bright, with clean white walls and furniture, making it a lovely atmosphere to enjoy these treats with some drinks.


Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

In the showcase, colorful and cream filled “Ddungcaron” are lined up.

All the ddungcaron look delicious so it is very hard to choose! They are all made from scratch using domestically sourced butter and almond flour. Whether you buy a set of 5 or 10 for family or friends, or just pick one or two for yourself, please choose based on what suits your mood or purpose at the time.


Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

Salty Caramel (left), Pure Milk with Condensed Milk Cream (right) / Each for 400 yen

The condensed milk flavor is perfect for those with a sweet tooth! You can enjoy visually from its colors and shapes, and it offers an experience beyond simply eating dessert.


Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

Pistachio (left), Earl Grey (right) / Each for 400 yen

The pistachio flavor was very creamy and rich, but not overly sweet. The recipe was passed down to the owner from her Korean friend, and the owner spent a lot of time honing her techniques in making ddungcaron.


Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

Shell Vanilla / 400 yen

Ddungcaron also use commercially available Oreos, chocolates, and other sweets. Adjusting the colors requires a sense of taste, but the ddungcaron made by the owner are all cute and delicious!


Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

Korean Cosmetics

The display includes fragrances, lip tints, hand creams, face masks and more. It’s colorful and fun, adding to the cute and pretty atmosphere of the shop bringing out your inner child.


韓国スイーツ店 나비 Nabi

Korean Sweets Shop 나비 Nabi

You can also order your own “Ddungcaron” starting from 500 yen!

Even with challenging custom designs, the owner will do her best to meet your requests!

As a gift to someone, or a treat for yourself, be sure to try their custom-made “Ddungcaron”.


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※Information is based on March 2024. Prices, operating hours, and other details may change. Please verify with the store directly.

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