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place5 minute walk from exit 2B of Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station

Hidden Bar in Stylish Building on the Edge of the Water

Published: May 13, 2022

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theBAR,” opened 14 years ago as a residents-only bar




theBAR” is located on the top floor (13th floor) of the designer office building “the SOHO.” Non-residents are required to make advance reservations at least two days prior, and operating hours are from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

The building itself has become a popular spot for seekers of hidden spots, but photography is prohibited without permission. You can also reserve the space for a private party or event or just enjoy a night at the bar.



In the center of the lobby sits a substantial pool table, creating a very luxurious atmosphere.

There’s a collaboration of old fashioned and modern furniture and decorations making it a very creative atmosphere. Residents meet in the lobby for casual business meetings or to take a break.



There is always a selection of over 250 types of whiskey, including over 100 varieties of Japanese whiskey.

Although the focus is on whiskey, other types of drinks such as a fresh mojito are available. There is a range of gins available, among other alcohol, and the assortment of glasses are intriguing too; the mojito came in a heavy weight tall glass with strong angles at the base and was made in England.



Most of the customers are entrepreneurs and business professionals working inside the building. The cocktails here are personally crafted by the owner.

With many years of experience in bartending, the restaurant industry and event organizing, the owner is particular about quality, aesthetics and creating an atmosphere where people can enjoy their experience through delicious drinks and food, cool electronic music and an open view of the water and the surrounding area.



You can feel the wonderful time passing in this beautiful space with the waterfront below you.

The top-most room is all glass and has a clear view of the surrounding area. This spot used for marriage proposals and even movie sets! It’s really unlike any other bar in Tokyo; it’s spacious and open yet private and feels quite luxurious despite the affordable prices.



A lounge arranged by European furniture.

A smaller room tucked away in the corner with a large window overlooking the bay, it’s a cozy corner with extra privacy. The adjacent all-mirror wall makes it feel larger and more open.



There are many spots throughout the bar to enjoy, including the bar counter where hundreds of clear lights hang from the ceiling creating a cascading effect, the lounge area overlooking the water, the private corner room, or the top floor.

Orders can be made using your smartphone or the owner will try to assist you in English.

Please enjoy a leisurely and relaxed time accompanied by delicious drinks in the delightful ambiance of “theBAR.”



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