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The Coffee Master of Toyosu

Published: May 16, 2017


Saito Hidekazu is not only the owner and proprieter of Hide Coffee Beans Store, in Toyosu, Koto Ku, Tokyo; he is also a master of selecting, roasting and serving coffee. There is not much about coffee that he doesn’t know, and he has one key mission for his business­–to provide excellent coffee to his customers.



Hide Coffee Beans gets its coffee from around the world. The shop’s showcase features roasted beans Ethiopia, Panama, Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, Rwanda, Brazil and Indonesia. He offers these beans in three varieties: High Roast, City Roast and French Roast. Hide says he keeps green coffee beans for roasting for up to one year but he says roast beans should be used within two months to ensure maximum flavor.



Hide Coffee Beans Store opened its doors in October 2013. Its customers are mostly locals from the surrounding Toyosu area. Not only residents, but also business people stop by to purchase beans or sip a cup of his handmade coffee in the quiet of his shop. In the future Hide hopes to be a supplier of high quality beans to other stores so even more people can enjoy the fruits of his knowledge and passion for great coffee.




These days the Hide Coffee Beans Store sits tucked away on a quiet side street in Toyosu just over Shinonome Canal, and is known to only a select few. But with the coming expansion of Toyosu in the near future, more and more people will surely hear about this shop. Maybe now is a good time to visit and have a quiet cup of handmade coffee and a chat with its friendly and knowledgeable master.



Story and Photos by David Parmer