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Nikukatsu Ogibashi Main Branch

place8 minute walk from Exit B1 of Sumiyoshi Station.

Japanese Beef Oasis Where Taste Meets Tradition

Published: November 5, 2023

※Prices are subject to change from those in effect at the time of the interview. Please contact the store directly for the latest information.


A store,​ where you can find Kobe beef and a variety of gourmet groceries and fresh vegetables to craft the perfect side dish for your meal!


The popular product at Niku Katsu Ougibashi Main Branch would be the Japanese beef chosen by the “Wagyu Expert”. The owner has examined over 200,000 cattle annually. Both himself and others admits the the owner, Mr. Sawa for his love of Wagyu (Japanese beef) he is known by the nickname “Wagyu Expert”.

In France, butchers are often passionate professionals. I’m glad to see that in Japan as well, we have specialists like Mr. Sawa. Meats chosen by specialists are a real added value compared to the meat you find in supermarkets! Before coming to Japan, I had never tasted Wagyu, and I found the flavor and texture to be truly distinct from the beef I had in my home country.In France, the meat is more lean and red, whereas Japanese beef is rich in fat which bring out the sweetness.


Wagyu is not the only center of attention!

Tsukuba chicken is also very popular, with a variety of cuts such as thighs, breasts, filets, wings and gizzards.

The extensive selection of different meats allows for menu variety and prevents monotony. As always, the quality and prices are great!


The price for Miyazaki prefecture’s black wagyu “Sendai Beef” is very reasonable at 980 yen / 250g for shoulder, thigh and belly.

According to the owner, “We don’t base our judgment of Wagyu solely on its brand; instead, we personally visit the farms to observe. By observing the environment in which the wagyu is raised, the breeding methods, and the feed firsthand, we can also sense the passion of the farmers.

I discovered a grading system that determines the meat quality. The labels on the Wagyu sold in this store are very clear, making it easy to know the wagyu grade.


Inside the store, there are domestic beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, bento boxes and sweets, and has been crowded with customers since opening.

No need to visit another store. You can buy everything you need to cook at this store!


The popular products among the regular customers are the bento boxes which only have limited amounts!

The secret to its popularity is the taste and reasonable price. Additionally, they offer free extra servings of rice and the high quality black wagyu yakiniku bento is especially recommended.

In my country, we often opt for sandwiches when we’re short on time to cook.Like this bento box, it’s great to have access to a selection of ready-well-made meals.


△Pork fried with ginger bento 540 yen

Bento boxes are truly a convenient way to carry your lunch. Personally, I often buy a bento that I can enjoy at the office.


△Black wagyu steak bento 1,058 yen

The popular bento boxes are sold out by lunch time.

Additionally, the prices for quality meat are very affordable, and the fact that all bento boxes are prepared in-store adds value to the bento meals.



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※Information is based on September 2023. Prices, operating hours, and other details might have changed. Please verify with the store directly.

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