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Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

place8 minute walk from North Exit of Kameido Station

Kushiyaki Adventure: Uncovering Tokyo’s Grilled Treasures

Published: April 12, 2024

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At Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi, the two owners handle everything from purchasing chicken, skewering, cutting, to making the sauce. They provide what they prepared on the day and so they can offer fresh and delicious yakitori at a reasonable price anytime.


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

The name of the restaurant, ‘Ichi,’ is a combination of the two owners’ names.

The establishment attracts many local office workers and residents alike. A great opportunity to immerse yourself in Tokyo’s nightlife scene and connect with the locals.


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

The menu is extensive, featuring signature items such as heart, liver skewers, and other popular items like red shrimp. Additionally, the whiteboard visible from the counter displays the daily recommended specials.

The restaurant features not just an array of meat skewers but also vegetable and fish offerings. What sets it apart is the quirky option to indulge in popcorn​!


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

The interior of the restaurant, filled with the enticing aroma of grilled chicken skewers, offers a dining space where customers can enjoy their meal not only through taste but also through visual ambiance.

There are about a dozen seats and tables available. Additionally, there is an area upstairs for group gatherings! The combination of the orange lighting inside and the counter seats where you can see skewers being cooked nearby creates a uniquely Japanese atmosphere that feels very refreshing!


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

“Heart skewers”

They have no unpleasant smell, and with each bite, the meat juices overflow in your mouth.

If it’s your first time at a Yakitori restaurant, don’t hesitate to try the “Moriawase” plate, offering a selection of various Yakitori skewers.


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

“Pickled Green Peppers”

The home-made pickled green peppers go perfectly with beers and highballs.

In Japan, “Pickled” is referred to “Asazuke”. It is a traditional Japanese pickling method where vegetables are seasoned with salt and other seasonings and marinated for a few hours. The cold Asazuke’s are perfect for the upcoming summer seasons and eaten as appetizers.


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

The draft beer is recommended, known for its fine, creamy foam, and highball served from a specific dispenser, with a strong carbonation.”

In addition to the usual drinks, the owner can also serve you cocktails!


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

You can also enjoy conversations with Mr. Igarashi, the owner who grew up in Guam and is fluent in English.

He welcomes the customers with a very warmly. Even if you come alone, he’ll make you feel at home, and you’ll likely have the chance to enjoy some good conversation.


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi is open until 5am during business days.

Even if you miss the last train, you can spend time here until the first train in the morning. Be sure to stop by to experience the atmosphere and enjoy delicious skewers!


Sumibi Kushiyaki Sakaba Ichi

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