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My Style Music

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Piano Lesson Studio 『My Style Music』

Published: June 23, 2023

※Prices are subject to change from those in effect at the time of the interview. Please contact the store directly for the latest information.


The studio landmark is a piano-shaped sign on a white exterior wall.
Learning to play the piano will bring so much joy into one’s life. It’s a wonderful outlet for self-expression, and I’m constantly amazed by the beauty and complexity of the instrument. Piano lessons are always a source of inspiration.


A piano studio that offers personalized instructions tailored to individual ages, personalities and skills!
Its tailored approach extends to their feedback and guidance. The instructor provides constructive criticism and specific recommendations for improvement, giving students actionable steps to work on between lessons. It’s a personalized road-map for success.


Inside the studio features a bright and clean space with a predominantly white color scheme. It is equipped with soundproofing facilities, creating an environment where you can play the piano without hesitation.
The piano class has a comfortable and conducive learning environment. The room is spacious, acoustically treated, and designed to minimize distractions. It creates a focused atmosphere where students can fully immerse themselves in their practice.


Ms. Mariko Nitta had a dream of becoming a piano teacher since she started playing the piano at the age of 3. While performing piano at venues such as Prince Hotel and Keio Plaza Hotel for events like weddings and dinner shows, she also worked as an instructor at Yamaha Piano School, where she taught over 80 students.


After getting married, Ms. Mariko Nitta’s husband’s job took them to the United States of America and India. During their overseas stays, she engaged in volunteer work, teaching piano and rhythmic exercises, and performed at charity concerts. Even abroad, Ms. Mariko continued to incorporate music into her daily life.


Upon returning to Japan, Ms. Mariko established her own piano studio, “My Style Music,” in 2022. More than 20 students, ranging from children to adults, have enrolled in this school within just six months. The lessons are tailored to the individual’s age, skill level, and aspirations.
The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and supportive. She creates a welcoming and inspiring environment for students of all levels.


In addition to the regular courses, there is a special course available for mastering a specific piece of music in a short period of time. Moreover, if the sheet music is too challenging to read, the teacher will rewrite it on the spot into a simpler version, making it easier to play. This supportive environment that allows challenges easily is quite appealing!
The piano sheet music provided by the instructor is thoughtfully selected. It offers a diverse range of pieces from different genres and difficulty levels, allowing one to explore various musical styles and expand one’s repertoire.


“I provide guidance to those who aim for competitions or becoming instructors in classical music, but reasons to play the piano vary from person to person. Whether you want to play a piece with personal significance or casually trying popular pop songs, any motivation is welcome. The most important thing is to have fun during lessons in your own style (My Style) and develop a love for the piano. That’s what matters,” says Ms. Mariko.
Enrolling in this piano studio will be a game-changer for ones musical journey. The instructor is not only a talented musician but also an exceptional educator. She has a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that’s easy to understand.


At My Style Music, the following four courses are available:


・Kids Course (Preschoolers, Elementary, and Middle School Students)
・One Piece Mastery Course
・Exam Preparation Course (Nursery School Teacher Course, Yamaha Grade Improvisation Course, Yamaha Grade Performance Course)
・General Course (Basic Course, Focus Course)


By using the “Kotomise Coupon,” the enrollment fee of 10,000 yen will be 50% off. They also offer trial lessons before enrollment, so it is recommended to start from the trial lesson.
The piano studio’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect. From the well-structured curriculum to the opportunities for performances and competitions, they provide a comprehensive learning experience that nurtures both skill and confidence.”


“If you’re considering piano lessons, look no further than this studio. The positive and encouraging atmosphere, coupled with the expertise of the instructor, makes it a perfect place for anyone, from beginners to advanced pianists, to learn and grow.”


To contact “My Style Music”, please use the inquiry form on the school’s website or the e-mail address below.
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※Information provided as of May 2023. Prices displayed include tax. Please note that fees and business hours are subject to change. For the latest information, please contact the studio directly.